Audio-CD released by Gruenrekorder (GRUEN185)

Release Date: Febuary 2019

"If Lucretius’ mission is understanding, Merzouga’s seems to be analogous, to provoke reasoning around the nature of the sounds that make our eardrums dance. Just like the world is not a poem, it is not music either, but attempting to engage with the expressiveness of it all is not a way to simplify philosophical thought, it is a way to amplify its relationship to something warm, something that is always moving, something that is right in front of our eyes and yet remains unseen, that invisible dance that brings each and every one of us, like stray sounds meeting, into a vivid mixture of interwoven frequencies." - David Murrieta Flores, a closer listen

Sound composition by Merzouga

Janko Hanushevsky (prepared electric bass) & Eva Poepplein (electronics)
Speaker: Stefko Hanushevsky
Translations: Janko Hanushevsky
Editor: Soila Valkama
Commissioned and produced by YLEISRADIO/Finland.

Merzouga would like to thank
Soila Valkama & YLE, Stefko Hanushevsky, Lasse-Marc Riek & Roland Etzin, Markus Jarchow, Sabine Kuechler, Bohdan & Ewa Hanushevsky, and Felix & Waltraud Poepplein for their continuous support.

This release was made possible by the generous support of SKE-Fonds.

Dedicated to Mira & Nicolai.